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File S. Hubmer. Fast Gradient-Based Iterative Regularization Methods for Nonlinear Ill-Posed Problems - Theory and Applications.
PhD Thesis, submitted 2018. Examiners: Prof. Ramlau, Prof. Hofmann.
File DK Report 2018-06, D. Dominici
A note on a formula of Krattenthaler
File DK Report 2018-05, S. Hubmer, E. Sherina, A. Neubauer and O. Scherzer
Lamé Parameter Estimation from Static Displacement Field Measurements in the Framework of Nonlinear Inverse Problems
File DK Report 2018-04, S. Hubmer and R. Ramlau
Nesterov’s Accelerated Gradient Method for Nonlinear Ill-Posed Problems with a Locally Convex Residual Functional
File DK Report 2018-03, A. Jiménez-Pastor and V. Pillwein
Algorithmic Arithmetics with DD-Finite Functions
File DK Report 2018-02, C. Hofer, U. Langer and M. Neumüller
Robust Preconditioning for Space-Time Isogeometric Analysis of Parabolic Evolution Problems
File C. Hofer, U. Langer and S. Takacs: Inexact Dual-Primal Isogeometric Tearing and Interconnecting Methods
In P.E. Bjrstad, S.C. Brenner, L. Halpern, H.H. Kim, R. Kornhuber, T. Rahman, and O.B. Widlund, editors, Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering XXIV, volume 125 of Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering, pages 393–403, Cham, 2018. Springer International Publishing.
File DK Report 2018-01, D. Dominici
Laguerre-Freud equations for Generalized Hahn polynomials of type I
File P. Paule and C.-S. Radu. Rogers-Ramanujan Functions, Modular Functions, and Computer Algebra.
To appear in Advances in Computer Algebra - In Honour of Sergei Abramov's 70th Birthday, WWCA-2016, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, July 23-24, 2016.
File S. Hubmer and A. Neubauer and R. Ramlau and H. U. Voss. On the parameter estimation problem of magnetic resonance advection imaging.
Inverse Problems and Imaging, 2018, 12(1): 175-204.
File DK Report 2017-12, D. Dominici
Orthogonality of the Dickson Polynomials of the $(k+1)$-th Kind
File DK Report 2017-11, D. Dominici
Mehler-Heine Type Formulas for Charlier and Meixner Polynomials II. Higher Order Terms
File DK Report 2017-10, A. Jiménez-Pastor and V. Pillwein
A Computable Extension for Holonomic Functions: DD-Finite Functions
File DK Report 2017-09, M. Hauer, B. Jüttler and J. Schicho
Projective and Affine Symmetries and Equivalences of Rational and Polynomial Surfaces
File DK Report 2017-08, R. Wagner, C. Hofer and R. Ramlau
Point Spread Function Reconstruction for Single-Conjugate Adaptive Optics
File C. Hofer. Analysis of Discontinuous Galerkin Dual-Primal Isogeometric Tearing and Interconnecting Methods.
in Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences, volume 8, number 1, Pages 131-158, 2018.
File DK Report 2017-07, A. Schafelner
Space-time Finite Element Methods for Parabolic Initial-Boundary Problems with Variable Coefficients
File DK Report 2017-06, M. Neumüller and A. Thalhammer
A Fully Parallelizable Space-Time Multilevel Monte Carlo Method for Stochastic Differential Equations with Additive Noise
File Convergence analysis of a two-point gradient method for nonlinear ill-posed problems.
In Inverse Problems 33(9), 2017.
File DK Report 2017-05, C. Hofer, U. Langer, M. Neumüller and T. Toulopoulos
Time-Multipatch Discontinuous Galerkin Space-Time Isogeometric Analysis of Parabolic Evolution Problems