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Symbolic Integral Operators and Boundary Problems

Markus Rosenkranz and Georg Regensburger, Tuesday 14:30-16:00 starting from April 21, 2009, Room K 009D


The following topics will be treated in the lecture:

  • Solving Boundary Problems in Analysis
  • Integro-Differential Algebras
  • Solving Boundary Problems in Algebra
  • Integro-Differential Operators
  • Solving Boundary Problems in Symbolic Computation
  • Multiplying and Factoring Boundary Problems
  • Implicit Representation of Integral Operators

Lecture notes will be provided during the semester.

Course Details

  • Lecturers: Markus Rosenkranz and Georg Regensburger
  • If you are regular JKU student, please register to this course via KUSSS
  • Exam/credits mode: will be discussed in the first meeting
  • Time: Regular meetings Tuesday 14:30-16:00.
  • Place: K 009D for the regular meetings.
  • Prerequisites: Bachelor's studies of Mathematics (Semester 7).
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