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Computer-based Working Environments

This course gives a condensed introduction into the practical aspects of scientific working in computer-based environments.

Coordinates: WS 2011/2012, 326.008

Location: RISC seminar room

Date: Blocked form (2 units per 45 min per block) in November/December 2011. 

Thursday, 10 am - the course starts on November 10, 2011.
December 8th is free of lectures.


  • Debian GNU/Linux
  • Networking
  • Mailing
  • Remote login, remote desktops, synchronous communication
  • Version Control
  • Collaborative editing and content management
  • LaTeX
  • HTML
  • OpenOffice
  • Drawing Figures
  • Painting Images
  • Preparing Slide Presentations

Grading is based on the elaboration of practical exercises.

For Details, please see

To take part in the course, you have to enrol in the KUSSS system. Since the exercises will be submitted via Moodle, you also have to login in Moodle and register as a course participant. You will then also receive per email all messages posted in the News forum.