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Fundamentals of Numerical Analysis and Symbolic Computation

Rigid GraphLecturer: Dr. Georg Grasegger

Topic: Rigidity Theory

ECTS: 3, hours: 2

First Meeting: Mo 7.10.2019, 13:45-15:15, S2 044

14.10.19    S2 219
21.10.19    S2 054
28.10.19    S2 219
04.11.19    S2 054
11.11.19    K 224B
18.11.19    S2 054
25.11.19    S2 219
02.12.19    S2 054
09.12.19    S3 048
16.12.19    S2 219
20.01.20    canceled (replacement date to be fixed)
27.01.20    S2 219

Rigidity Theory classically deals with bar-and -joint frameworks. These are objects consisting of rigid bars connected by rotational joints, often modeled as graphs. The main question is to determine whether the object is rigid or flexible. Historically the topic traces back to the construction of trusses and nowadays it finds application in material science, robotics, sensor networks and formation control.

The lecture covers the basics of rigidity theory:

  • different notions of rigidity
  • construction of rigid graphs
  • classification of rigid graphs
  • algorithms for testing rigidity
  • introduction to application
  • current research on rigidity in Linz


The lecture is meant to be introductory, hence also suitable for master students. Please register in KUSSS (master students please contact the lecturer for registration).