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File Y. Huang and L.X.C. Ngo and F. Winkler. Rational General Solutions of Trivariate Rational Systems of Autonomous ODEs.
In Proceedings of the Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences (MACIS 2011), Beijing, China. Stefan Ratschan editor, pp. 93-100.
File DK-Report 2011-13, M.T. Khan
Towards a Behavioral Analysis of Computer Algebra Programs
File S. Radu and J. Sellers. Parity results for broken k-diamond partitions and (2k+1)-cores.
In Acta Arithmetica, Volume 146 (2011), 43-52
File M.T. Khan and W. Schreiner. Towards a Behavioral Analysis of Computer Algebra Programs (Extended Abstract)
In Proceedings of the 23rd Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory (NWPT'11), Västerås, Sweden, P. Pettersson and C. Seceleanu, editors, ISSN 1404-3041, pp. 42--44, October 2011
File L.X.C. Ngo. Rational General Solutions of First-Order Algebraic ODEs.
PhD Thesis, submitted 2011. Examinors: Franz Winkler, J. Rafael Sendra.
File DK-Report 2011-12, I. Georgieva, C. Hofreither, C. Koutschan, V.Pillwein and T. Thanatipanonda
Harmonic interpolation based on Radon projections along the sides of regular polygons
File DK Report 2011-11, C. Giannelli and B. Jüttler
Bases and dimensions of bivariate hierarchical tensor-product splines
File L.X.C. Ngo and F. Winkler. Rational general solutions of planar rational systems of autonomous ODEs.
Published in J. Symbolic Computation 46/10, 1173-1186 (2011)
File DK Report 2011-10, M. Kollmann and M. Kolmbauer
A preconditioned MinRes solver for time-periodic parabolic optimal control problems Numer. Linear Algebra Appl. DOI: 10.1002/nla.1842
File C. G. Raab. Using Gröbner Bases for finding the logarithmic part of the integral of transcendental functions.
In Journal of Symbolic Computation 47, pp. 1290-1296. 2012. ISSN 0747-7171.
File S. Béla. Fat Arcs and Fat Spheres for Approximating Algebraic Curves and for Solving Polynomial Systems.
PhD Thesis, submitted 2011. Examiners: Bert Jüttler, Jens Gravesen.
File DK Report 2011-09, M. Wiesinger-Widi
Towards Computing a Groebner Basis of a Polynomial Ideal over a Field by Using Matrix Triangularization
File DK Report 2011-08, M. Wiesinger-Widi
Sylvester Matrix and GCD for Several Univariate Polynomials
File DK Report 2011-07, M. Kolmbauer and U. Langer
A Robust Preconditioned-MinRes-Solver for Distributed Time-Periodic Eddy Current Optimal Control Problems accepted for publication in SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing
File DK Report 2011-06, M. Kolmbauer
Existence and Uniqueness of Eddy current problems in bounded and unbounded domains
File M. Wiesinger-Widi. Groebner Bases and Generalized Sylvester Matrices.
In ACM Communications in Computer Algebra, 45(2):?–?, June 2011. Accepted extended abstract from ISSAC 2011 poster presentation.
File M. Hodorog and B. Mourrain and J. Schicho. An Adapted Version of the Bentley-Ottmann Algorithm for Invariants of Plane Curve Singularities.
In B. Murgante et al., editor. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications, Part III, Session: Computational Geometry and Applications, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 121-131. Springer, Heidelberg, 2011.
File M. Hodorog and J. Schicho. A Regularization Method for Computing Approximate Invariants of Plane Curves Singularities.
In Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Symbolic-Numeric Computation, pp. ?-?. To appear. ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), 2011.
File H. Rahkooy and Z. Zafeirakopoulos. Using Resultants for Inductive Groebner Bases Computation.
In ACM Communications in Computer Algebra 45(2), pp. ?-?. 2011. ISSAC 2011 accepted poster.
File L.X.C. Ngo and F. Winkler. Rational general solutions of parametrizable AODEs.
Publ. Math. Debrecen (2011). 79/3-4, pp 573–587. DOI: 10.5486/PMD.2011.5121