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File DK Report 2013-08, D. Gerth and R. Ramlau
A stochastic convergence analysis for Tikhonov regularization with sparsity constraints.
File DK Report 2014-12, D. Gerth, B. N. Hahn and R. Ramlau
The method of the approximate inverse for atmospheric tomography
File DK Report 2014-06, D. Gerth, E. Klann, R. Ramlau and L. Reichel
On Fractional Tikhonov Regularization
File D. Gerth. Problem-adapted regularization for inverse problems in the deterministic and stochastic setting.
PhD Thesis, submitted 2015. Examiners: Prof. Ramlau, Prof. Siltanen.
File D. Gerth, B. Hofmann, S. Birkholz, S. Koke, G. Steinmeyer. Regularization of an autoconvolution problem in ultrashort laser pulse characterization.
Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, 2013, Article is published online