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File DK Report 2014-08, W. Krendl and W. Zulehner
A Decomposition Result for Biharmonic Problems and the Hellan-Herrmann-Johnson Method
File DK Report 2013-09, W. Krendl, V. Simoncini and W. Zulehner
Efficient preconditioning for an optimal control problem with the time-periodic Stokes equations.
File DK Report 2012-03, W. Krendl, V. Simoncini and W. Zulehner
Stability Estimates and Structural Spectral Properties of Saddle Point Problems
File W. Krendl. Nonstandard Sobolev spaces for preconditioning mixed methods and optimal control problems.
PhD Thesis, submitted 2016. Examiners: Prof. Zulehner, Prof. Schulz.