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File M. Gallet and J. Schicho. Ambiguities in a problem in planar geodesy.
In SIGMA, 2015.
File DK-Report 2015-05, P. Gangl, S. Amstutz and U. Langer
Topology Optimization of Electric Motor Using Topological Derivative for Nonlinear Magnetostatics
File P. Paule and S. Radu. Partition Analysis, Modular Functions, and Computer Algebra
In Recent Trends in Combinatorics, IMA Volume in Mathematics and its Applications, pages 511-543, Springer, 2015
File DK-Report 2015-04, A. Mantzaflaris, H. Rahkooy and Z. Zafeirakopoulos
Efficient Computation of Multiplicity and Directional Multiplicity of an Isolated Point
File D. Gerth. Problem-adapted regularization for inverse problems in the deterministic and stochastic setting.
PhD Thesis, submitted 2015. Examiners: Prof. Ramlau, Prof. Siltanen.
File Z. Li. Closed linkages with six revolute joints.
PhD Thesis, submitted 2015. Examiners: Prof. Schicho, Prof. Schröcker.
File A. Maletzky. Automated Reasoning in Reduction Rings using the Theorema System.
Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing (Proceedings of CASC 2015, September 14-18, Aachen, Germany). Vol. 9301 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pp. 305-319, Springer-Verlag, 2015. The final publication is available at Springer via
File G. Kiss. Theory and algorithms for truncated hierarchical B-splines.
PhD Thesis, submitted 2015. Examiners: Prof. Jüttler, Prof. Hahmann.
File M. Wiesinger-Widi. Gröbner bases and generalized Sylvester matrices.
PhD Thesis, submitted 2015. Examiners: Prof. Buchberger, Prof. Mayr.
File G. Grasegger. Symbolic Solutions of First-Order Algebraic Equations
PhD Thesis, submitted 2015. Examiners: Prof. Franz Winkler, Prof. Rafael Sendra.
File DK Report 2015-03, C. Fürst and G. Landsmann
Computation of Dimension in Filtered Free Modules by Gröbner Reduction
D. Gerth, E. Klann, L. Reichel and R. Ramlau. On Fractional Tikhonov Regularization.
In Journal of Inverse and Ill-Posed Problems, 23, pages 611-625, 2015.
I. Bleyer and R. Ramlau. An Alternating Iterative Minimisation Algorithm for the Double-Regularised Total Least Square Functional.
in Inverse Problems, 2015.
File M. Kauers and C. Koutschan. Integral D-Finite Functions.
In Proceedings of the International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC), pages 251--258, 2015.
File DK Report 2015-02, P. Gangl, U. Langer, A. Laurain, H. Meftahi and K. Sturm
Shape optimization of an electric motor subject to nonlinear magnetostatics
File C. Koutschan, E. Suazo and S. K. Suslov. Fundamental laser modes in paraxial optics: from computer algebra and simulations to experimental observation.
In Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 121(3), pp. 315–336, 2015.
File DK Report 2015-01, G. Grasegger, A. Lastra, J. R. Sendra and F. Winkler
A solution method for autonomous first-order algebraic partial differential equations in several variables
File C. Koutschan, H. Ranetbauer, G. Regensburger and M.-T. Wolfram. Symbolic derivation of mean-field PDEs from lattice-based models.
In Proceedings of the 17th International Symposium on Symbolic and Numeric Algorithms for Scientific Computing (SYNASC), pp. 27–33, 2015. Further info:
File C. Siriteanu, A. Takemura, S. Kuriki, H. Shin and C. Koutschan. MIMO zero-forcing performance evaluation using the holonomic gradient method.
In IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 14(4), pp. 2322–2335, 2015.
File M. Gallet, G. Nawratil and J. Schicho. Möbius Photogrammetry
In Journal of Geometry, 2014, pages 1-19, DOI 10.1007/s00022-014-0255-x