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File F. Winkler. Algebraic Differential Equations — Rational Solutions and Beyond
Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics
File DK Report 2014-07, G. Grasegger, F. Winkler, A. Lastra and J. Rafael Sendra
A Solution Method for Autonomous First-Order Algebraic Partial Differential Equations
File G. Grasegger and F. Winkler. Symbolic solutions of first-order algebraic ODEs
in Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8942, Computer Algebra and Polynomials, J. Gutierrez et al. (eds.), pp. 94-104, 2015
File DK Report 2014-06, D. Gerth, E. Klann, R. Ramlau and L. Reichel
On Fractional Tikhonov Regularization
File DK Report 2014-05, I.R. Bleyer and R. Ramlau
An Efficient Algorithm for Solving the dbl-RTLS Problem
File DK Report 2014-04, G. Kiss, C. Giannelli, U. Zore, B. Jüttler, D. Grossmann and J. Barner
Adaptive CAD model (re--)construction with THB--splines
File DK Report 2014-03, M. T. Khan
On the Soundness of the Translation of MiniMaple to Why3ML
File DK Report 2014-02, T. Takacs, B. Jüttler and O. Scherzer
Derivatives of Isogeometric Functions on Rational Patches
File DK Report 2014-01, E. Pilgerstorfer and B. Jüttler
Bounding the Influence of Domain Parametrization and Knot Spacing on Numerical Stability in Isogeometric Analysis
I. Bleyer and R. Ramlau. A Double Regularization Approach for Inverse Problems with Noisy Data and Inexact Operator.
In Inverse Problems 29(2), 2013.
File DK Report 2013-09, W. Krendl, V. Simoncini and W. Zulehner
Efficient preconditioning for an optimal control problem with the time-periodic Stokes equations.
File S. Radu and J. Sellers. An Extensive Analysis of the Parity of Broken 3-Diamond Partitions
In Journal of Number Theory 133, no. 11 (2013), 3703–3716
File DK Report 2013-08, D. Gerth and R. Ramlau
A stochastic convergence analysis for Tikhonov regularization with sparsity constraints.
File Z. Li and J. Schicho. Classification of Angle-symmetric 6R Linkages.
In Mechanism and Machine Theory, Volume 70, 372-379, December 2013.
File DK Report 2013-07, P. Gangl and U. Langer
Topology Optimization of Electric Machines based on Topological Sensitivity Analysis.
File DK Report 2013-06, M.T. Khan
On the Formal Verification of Maple Programs.
File C. Dönch. Characterization of relative Gröbner bases.
Journal of Symbolic Computation (0747-7171) vol. 55, pages 19-29 (2013).
File Z. Li and L. Zhi. Computing the nearest singular univariate polynomials with given root multiplicities.
In Theoretical Computer Science, Volume 479, 150-162, 2013.
File Z. Li and J. Schicho. Three Types of Parallel 6R Linkages.
In Computational Kinematics '13, Springer.
File D. Gerth, B. Hofmann, S. Birkholz, S. Koke, G. Steinmeyer. Regularization of an autoconvolution problem in ultrashort laser pulse characterization.
Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, 2013, Article is published online