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Übung "Integralgleichungen und Randwertprobleme" - WS 2018/19

Place and Time: Wednesday 10:15 - 11:45, T 406/1


NOTE: There is no exercise sheet to be prepared for the exercise on 3rd of October. However, we will use the time to discuss details concerning the course and review some basic material in functional analysis required for both the lecture and the exercises.



  • Every week one exercise sheet with 6 exercises has to be prepared.
  • Ticking of the exercises is possible until 9am on the day of the course online here.
  • It is possible to hand in the exercises in written form a maximum number of 2 times per semester (in case of sickness or other issues).
  • Until end of October it is possible to leave the course without getting a grade.
  • There will be programming exercises to be handed in electronically.



  • At least 50% of the crosses are required for a positive grade.
  • At least 3 positive blackboard presentations are required for a positive grade.
  • At least 50% of the points awarded for the programming exercises are required for a positive grade.
  • There is NO written exam.
  • The quality of the blackboard presentation is part of the grade as well - 1 to 10 points can be reached per presentation
  • Calculation of the grade: 60*(number of crosses)/(max. number of crosses) + 20*(sum of blackboard presentation)/(presented exercises*10) + 20*(points awarded for the programming exercises)/(max. number of points available for the programming exercises)
  • Sehr gut: 87.5% - 100%
  • Gut: 75% - 87.4%
  • Befriedigend: 62.5% - 74.5%
  • Genügend: 50% - 62.4%
  • Nicht Genügend: < 50%



 Programming Assignments: